• Four-Eyes Alien Mascot

    Four-Eyes Alien Mascot

    A Weird Four-Eyes Alien with a galactic laser gun. Submitted by Gumiho24. Designed and Created by Run SDCember. Thanks!

  • Cute Fruit Mascot

    Cute Fruit Mascot

    A Cute Fruit Mascot holding a megaphone. Maybe he is singing his favorite song. Submitted by Obadaba09. Designed and Created by Japan Cartoons. Thanks!

  • Eating Cow Mascot

    Hungry Cow Mascot

    A Hungry Cow that eat a lot of grass. Submitted by NoWifi12. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Smiley Monster by Aaron Blecha

    Smiley Monster Character

    A Happy Smiley Monster that looks very friendly. Submitted by Mugick101. Designed and Created by Aaron Blecha. Thanks!

  • Crazy Chicken Mascot

    Crazy Chicken Mascot

    A Crazy Chicken that loves to disturb all other farm animals. Submitted by Zoomb3. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Young Old Man

    Young Old Man Mascot

    Meet Uncle Grandpa. a Old man that acts as a young kid. Submitted by Aldubnation12. Designed and Created by Uncle Grandpa. Thanks!

  • Military Guy Mascot

    Military Guy Mascot

    A Confuse Military Guy Mascot. Submitted by Gooferbaby54. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Happy I.T Man Character

    Happy I.T Man Character

    Do not worry about your computer problem, Happy I.T Man is here to help! Submitted by spenny23. Designed and Created by spenny23. Thanks!

  • Cargo Truck Mascot

    Cargo Truck Mascot

    A cute yellow Cargo Truck Mascot. Submitted by Muguck111. Designed and Created by Trueido. Thanks!

  • Chihuahua Mascot

    Chihuahua Mascot

    Meet Sven Hoek, Ren’s cousin from europe. Submitted by Carlsberg99. Designed and Created by John Kricfalusi Ren & Stimpy. Thanks!

  • Funny Cat Mascot

    Funny Cat Mascot

    Meet Stimpy from the popular 90’s cartoon show Ren and Stimpy. Submitted by Calsberg99. Designed and Created by John Kricfalusi. Thanks!

  • Weasel Mascot

    Weasel Mascot

    Meet I.M Weasel from the popular 90’s cartoon show I Am Weasel. Submitted by SandmanLove. Designed and Created by David Feiss. Thanks!

  • Baboon Mascot

    Baboon Mascot

    Meet I.R The Funny Baboon. Submitted by LordByron21. Designed and Created by Hanna-Barbera. Thanks!

  • Super Hero Mascot

    Super Hero Mascot

    Meet Doug as marvel’s Captain America. Submitted by Genocide44. Designed and Created by Dennis Culver. Thanks!

  • Real Monster Mascot

    Weird Monster Mascot

    Meet Krumm from the animated series Real Monster. Submitted by EdreiElijah. Designed and Created by Nickelodeon. Thanks!

  • Black Rabbit Mascot

    Black Rabbit Mascot

    Meet Oswald. One of the first Disney Characters. Submitted by Ethanjiro. Designed and Created by Walt Disney. Thanks!

  • Green Dog

    Green Dog Mascot

    Meet Stimpy as the Marvel hero Incredible Hulk. Submitted by Clockwise99. Designed and Created by Dennis Culver. Thanks!

  • Cowboy Horse

    Cowboy Horse

    Meet Tiro Loco Mcgraw. A Cowboy Horse. Submitted by Hansolo01. Designed and Created by Hanna Barbera. Thanks!

  • Happy Frog Mascot

    Happy Frog Mascot

    A alone but happy frog. Submitted by hasth5. Designed and Created by clipartcartoon. Thanks!

  • Skunk Mascot

    Skunk Mascot

    A Funny looking Skunk. Submitted by Hasth5. Designed and Created by glittaers. Thanks!

  • Explorer Boy Mascot

    Explorer Boy Mascot

    Meet Diego, A Wild Explorer that loves animal rescue. Submitted by Sumbalife55. Designed and Created by Diego the Explorer. Thanks!

  • Friendly Dog Mascot

    Friendly Dog Mascot

    A Playful and Friendly Dog pet. Submitted by DashOne88. Designed and Created by clker. Thanks!

  • Peacock Mascot

    Peacock Mascot

    A very colorful Peacock. Submitted by Nashvil9. Designed and Created by Clipartpanda. Thanks!

  • Cute Panda Mascot

    Cute Panda Mascot

    A Cute Panda. Submitted by RavageLie99. Designed and Created by clipartpanda. Thanks!

  • Blob Mascot

    Blob Mascot

    A cute Blob monster with huge eyes. submitted by carylyn09. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Fluffy Sheep Mascot

    Fluffy Sheep Mascot

    A White and Fluffy Sheep. Submitted by Travious333. Designed and Created by 54freecartoons. Thanks!

  • Problematic Man Mascot

    Problematic Man Mascot

    A Man that have a lot of problems in life. Submitted by Classmug. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Super Chicken Mascot

    Super Chicken Mascot

    A Superhero Chicken that protects the farm animals from danger. Submitted by Saitama01. Designed and Created by Thanks!