DJ Bee Character

  1. DJ Bee

Meet the very active and cute DJ Bee Character. He loves to dance in techno music. Submitted by Ms. Donna Law. Designed and Created by Ms. Donna Law.. Thanks!


  1. Actually this was designed and submitted by me. Don’t submit your design here as it clearly just gets stolen! How do I report plagerism

  2. I am so angry about this! I thought submitting to this gallery would be great for a bit of exposure and instead you steal my design! Artists beware

    • I posted a reply to you comment, hopefully you are being notified of discussion activity in this thread. I’ll be communicating with the assistant who posted this. Thanks for your patience.

  3. You are right Donna. The assistant who uploaded this image for some reason credited the image to You are correct, this is not a design and has nothing to do with them. The matter will be resolved quickly. I’ll be in touch with an update when we have one.