• giphy_2

    Blue Guy Mascot

    Meet Blue Dabby, a very simple but cool blue guy. submitted by Jose. Designed and Created by Jose

  • Worker Mascot

    Worker Mascot

    A hardworking construction worker. Submitted by SMC0999. Submitted by MacMacAir21. Designed and Created by bassendeanmeansbusiness. Thanks!

  • Zombie Bassist Mascot

    Zombie Bassist Mascot

    A Zombie Bassist. He loves to play Death Metal songs. Submitted by MugickBass. Designed and Created by menonstilts from Deviant Art. Thanks!

  • Owl Teacher Mascot

    Owl Teacher Mascot

    A Owl Teacher. He teaches math on different kinds of animals. Submitted by Mussassy55. Designed and Created by Clipartbest. Thanks!

  • Little Cute Alien Mascot

    Little Cute Alien Mascot

    A Little Cute Alien. He looks very funny and active. Submitted by MersDanger21. Designed and Created by Alien Collections. Thanks!

  • Scary Doctor Mascot

    Weird Doctor Mascot

    A Weird Doctor Cartoon. He looks scary while holding the injection. Designed and Created by holistichealthliving. Thanks!

  • Many Eyes Alien Mascot

    Many Eyes Alien Mascot

    A Alien with many eyes. He can look in any direction. Submitted by MoonofDesire1. Designed and Created by Cool Arts. Thanks!

  • Cute Barbarian Mascot

    Cute Barbarian Mascot

    A Cute and Cuddly Barbarian Mascot. He looks really friendly. Submitted by DonJones02. Designed and Created by Smashing Magazine. Thanks!

  • Bandit Fantasy Character Mascot

    Bandit Fantasy Character Mascot

    Meet Lanista. A Bandit Mascot from Fantasy World. He is fierce and dangerous. Submitted by Largun55. Designed and Created by Final Fantasy. Thanks!

  • Captain Pirate Mouse Mascot

    Captain Pirate Mouse Mascot

    Meet Captain Codie. A Pirate Mouse Mascot from Submitted by JunRose1. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Soldier Mascot

    Soldier Mascot

    A Serious looking soldier. He is looking for something. Submitted by TalknText21. Designed and Created by Custom Wall graphics. Thanks!

  • Tuba Monster

    Tuba Monster Character

    A Wind Instrument Tuba Monster. Submitted by Cracklings99. Designed and Created by Aaron Blecha. Thanks!

  • Guitar Monster

    Guitar Monster Character

    A funny Guitar Monster Character that looks harmless. Submitted by Mugick101. Designed and Created by Aaron Blecha. Thanks!

  • Red Fluffy Monster Mascot

    Red Fluffy Monster Mascot

    A Cute Red Fluffy Monster Mascot. He looks very jolly. Bagyo11. Designed and Created by Design you Trust. Thanks!

  • Migthy Mouse Mascot

    Migthy Mouse Mascot

    A Migthy Mouse Mascot. He loves to go to gym. Submitted by Reyshare01. Designed and Created by Gym Rats. Thanks!

  • One-Eyed Alien Mascot

    One-Eyed Alien Mascot

    A weird floating One-Eyed Alien Mascot from outer space. Submitted by Eufemio08. Designed and Created by Clip Artist. Thanks!

  • Tree Mascot

    Tree Mascot

    A cute Tree Mascot with a Bird house. Submitted by AdventureHour247. Designed and Created by Mari Maciel. Thanks!

  • Red Penguin Mascot

    Red Penguin Mascot

    Meet the Red Penguin Mascot also known as the Jet Pack Guy. He loves different gadgets. Submitted by GreenRiver12. Designed and Created by Club Penguin Wikia. Thanks!

  • Four-Eyes Alien Mascot

    Four-Eyes Alien Mascot

    A Weird Four-Eyes Alien with a galactic laser gun. Submitted by Gumiho24. Designed and Created by Run SDCember. Thanks!

  • Cute Fruit Mascot

    Cute Fruit Mascot

    A Cute Fruit Mascot holding a megaphone. Maybe he is singing his favorite song. Submitted by Obadaba09. Designed and Created by Japan Cartoons. Thanks!

  • Eating Cow Mascot

    Hungry Cow Mascot

    A Hungry Cow that eat a lot of grass. Submitted by NoWifi12. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Smiley Monster by Aaron Blecha

    Smiley Monster Character

    A Happy Smiley Monster that looks very friendly. Submitted by Mugick101. Designed and Created by Aaron Blecha. Thanks!

  • Crazy Chicken Mascot

    Crazy Chicken Mascot

    A Crazy Chicken that loves to disturb all other farm animals. Submitted by Zoomb3. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Young Old Man

    Young Old Man Mascot

    Meet Uncle Grandpa. a Old man that acts as a young kid. Submitted by Aldubnation12. Designed and Created by Uncle Grandpa. Thanks!

  • Military Guy Mascot

    Military Guy Mascot

    A Confuse Military Guy Mascot. Submitted by Gooferbaby54. Designed and Created by Thanks!

  • Happy I.T Man Character

    Happy I.T Man Character

    Do not worry about your computer problem, Happy I.T Man is here to help! Submitted by spenny23. Designed and Created by spenny23. Thanks!

  • Cargo Truck Mascot

    Cargo Truck Mascot

    A cute yellow Cargo Truck Mascot. Submitted by Muguck111. Designed and Created by Trueido. Thanks!

  • Chihuahua Mascot

    Chihuahua Mascot

    Meet Sven Hoek, Ren’s cousin from europe. Submitted by Carlsberg99. Designed and Created by John Kricfalusi Ren & Stimpy. Thanks!